June 06, 2016

Principle of nature

The bruise on the face does not mean how hurt it is, but the hate from that guy who hit you. Compared to tears, the strike by punching back would be more effective to vent, even though it is risky to be beaten down again. And going back home, out of grievance, the scene is possibly softened to be teary face. The firm and warm shoulder usually is that right shore to pull over. But, it does not always have that luck to find such a shoulder.

On the verge of cliff, the eagle pushes her kids out of nest. They are full of desperation and trying moving back. Some just fall down directly down, others are lucky to be back. Under the influence of gravity, those who fall down in the air, have to struggle for living, and flutter wings that they have never tried before, only in the vision they see their mom flying back with food. The magic plot activates, they survive by hanging over the sky after going back from death. They see their mom again driving away remains of their brothers and sisters. Some successfully learn to fly, some are just to be dead who fail to fly and fall on rigid rocks.

In the vast plain, a large group of buffaloes are migrating. Lions are seeking for their meal. After some trials, they target and chase for their prey. The one hunted by lions sacrifices its valuable life winning precious time for the species migration. The skeleton of that buffalo finally is consumed by wolves and the whole group is safe to march at further adventure. Lions are just napping on comfortable grass in the shade of trees.

A episode of journey brings rich and unexpected memory. A course of painful experience does give the courage to face everything. An unforgettable story surely provides a new perspective to review surroundings. A relationship is quite wonderful so long as there is a lesson can be recorded into mind.

If god does not grant the food, just please, find it by hands. Sometimes, we see something wrong, actually it could be right in the way around to overlook again. If there is no righteousness, just please, fight for it. Thought the world does not stop when a poor life ends up. That is what the real existence being in this land.

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